Not everything turns out

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As an experimental artist, I’m now well seasoned in having things not turn out as planned. It used to really upset me when paintings didn’t work. Now, I usually just let them sit until enough time has passed that I can move on and take the piece in a new direction.

I haven’t been painting very much as I’ve been very busy, but decided I should just play around and see what would happen. This first piece went so utterly badly it is almost laughable, except that it has a macabre look to it! I was just thinking about the concept of aging so I found an elderly lady in a magazine and started there:

mixed media collage elderly lady
“Scary lady” – mixed media collage on illustration board.

I was playing off of the same sort of idea as my Courage painting, below, which lots of people like (and which I plan to sell soon), but somehow the effect did not work this time. I don’t even think I can finish this one! Unless someone has a suggestion of how I could make this less scary.

Courage painting, Mixed Media / Nancy Hildebrand
Courage painting, Mixed Media / Nancy Hildebrand

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