Collage on paper

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After the “Scary Lady” fiasco described in my last post, I thought I’d try to go for something a little softer, more feminine.

I have several scraps of blue paper that were torn from a vintage school workbook. One of them looked like a dress, which inspired this piece.

collage beginning
Purity collage, in progress

I have so many vintage scraps of paper, cloth, buttons, patterns, and receipts I ended up stopping because I am not sure what to do next. I think the old photo album sheet in the background is a bit overwhelming; you may see white introduced in the next phase of this piece. I was trying to do it all in one night, but there’s no sense in rushing the creative process.

Work in progress: Purity, collage on paper

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  1. alisasibrova

    Love collages! For a very long time I thought that I am the only one doing them, it seems that the art pf creating collages has gone with the wind. Love your post!

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