Creative progress: Boom Town 2

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In April I started a new canvas themed after my collage called Boom Town (see it here). I just got back to it last weekend. I don’t often do a study and then try to recreate a similar painting in a larger format (this one is 16″ x 20″).

I love experimenting with different methods to achieve the look I am going for. To tint the white paint for the snowy ground, I used pigment that I have from France. It had the perfect effect. I also used some coffee to add more stains on the lower part.

True to the study, I did a similar collage on the left-hand side using a mix of vintage receipts and handmade textured papers.

I enjoyed working on the river to make the colour more accurate for a frozen river. A few years ago when I flew to Ottawa one January, I remember being enchanted by the deep blue of the frozen lakes and rivers we flew over. There was something very Canadian about this network of deep blue waterways, encased in ice of all shades of white, patterned by rivulets and afternoon’s slight thawing.

I’m looking forward to this drying so I can keep working on it.

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