Craft: Fairy necklaces

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acorns outside

Have I mentioned that I LOVE FALL? Well I do – I just loved walking around, still in August, and already finding numerous fresh acorn caps on the ground, which were needed for my daughter’s birthday party.

I’m a pretty creative person, and sometimes cannot stop thinking of ideas. I know this can be tiring for less creative people. My daughter, who is turning seven, has been getting increasingly creative herself, and I have been surprised a few times how many ideas she generates. For example, she wanted a gumball machine she saw at the dollar store. I said no, because it looked like it would break in two seconds. At home, she made her own out of paper and tape!

So planning her seventh birthday party has been full of ideas. We took one look at pinterest and I already had to point out, Hey, this is not your wedding….we’re not creating an archway covered in tulle!

I am not exactly bursting with energy, being pregnant and working full time, but we did finally gather all the supplies needed to make these fairy necklace party favours on the weekend.

fairy necklacesSteps:

1. Drill holes in acorn caps big enough to get your ribbon or string through.

2. Glue glitter on the acorn caps (we used white glue).

3. Cut ribbon long enough to go over kids’ heads (estimate big…some of ours ended up still too small).

4. String ribbon through jingle bells and through the acorn cap.

5. Hot glue bell into place in acorn cap.

6. Tie knot in ribbon.

Waiting for the glue gun to heat up.
Waiting for the glue gun to heat up.

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