Eclectic Cottage Art

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As I mentioned in my last post, we traveled to Oregon in the summer and we stayed in a comfortable cottage within walking distance of the beach. I didn’t have much time to think about art, being quite busy with the kids. But I did take some {really bad} snapshots of some of the artwork around the cottage. I enjoyed the variety of artwork, and the different styles and skill levels.

cottage art 3
This top one was neat just because it captured the experience our children were having. While it portrays a different time period, the essence of their play and enjoyment of the coast was the same.

cottage art 1
I was most taken by the church painting above. it is representational, and amateurish in style. But I really like it. It made me want to paint and not worry about how things turn out.

The last one here is a very simple watercolour. It captures one of my favourite types of scenes: peaceful lakes! Wilderness.

cottage art 2

My point being, I feel inspired to allow myself to get back into painting in all the different styles I’m capable of, from watercolour to realism (in my own non-exact kind of way) to abstract.

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