Fancy lemonade milkshake – great girl’s birthday party idea

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My daughter enjoys having her birthday parties at home, so in the midst of a fairly hectic August, we sat down one day for just a few minutes and looked at pinterest to brainstorm a few ideas for a “fairy” themed party for her 7th birthday. I had just seen a recipe for a lemonade milkshake, with instructions for decorating cups with sprinkles.

sparkling the glasses

When we went to get the cups ready, I wondered what to use for glasses – we didn’t want to do styrofoam or disposable cups, but we didn’t have anything else uniform so I grabbed a bunch of small canning jars we have on hand.

A couple of days in advance, we just prepared the jars. We melted some white chocolate pieces in a small bowl, and dumped some red sugar sprinkles in another one. My daughter was able to do this herself: just dip the jar in the white chocolate, then the sprinkles. We placed the jars in the fridge until the day of the party.

For the milkshake, we made a variation of this recipe. It’s essentially vanilla icecream, strawberries, lemonade concentrate and strawberry jam. (P.S. – it was popular so make sure you get enough ingredients so there is some left for mom and dad).

With such a fancy drink, the kids were quite content with our bowls of chips and simple cake mix cupcakes for snacks. We chose our battles wisely on this one!

milkshakes double

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  1. Looks delicious and refreshing! What a fun day ~

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