Apple-picking – an autumn highlight

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apple picking double

When we moved from Vancouver to the Fraser Valley almost 5 years ago, I remember asking a friend who lived here what moms do out here with their young kids. I was trying to find similar entertainment for myself and my toddlers to what I had been used to in Vancouver and Port Moody. Her response was to name one of the local orchards.

What? I thought – what is this place, that it could be the thing to do? I think I was picturing things more like weekly library children’s programs or other such programs.

It’s funny because over the years, it really has become that sort of an experience for our family and friends each fall. We go to the orchard every week or two to pick apples and buy fresh cider, squash and pumpkins. Our kids love playing on the playground there and visiting the farm animals. Once in a while we get a coveted caramel apple or go on a hay ride. And every year since my daughter started preschool, we’ve gone on at least one field trip here.

Some seasons, we’ve tried to make a weekend ritual of going to the farm and then hosting a brunch at our house, or serving up a huge stack of pancakes while the kids play at our house and then hitting the orchard afterward. It really is a great excuse to gather, and is a highlight for our family.



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  1. ThoseYoungGuys

    Great!! It’s LisayPhoto from Instagram. Live your blog and your photos. What a surprise to see Abbotsford. We used to luve there. Fun to see it now in photos. In Van this weekend for a visit!!

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