Woodland nursery part 1: bird mobile

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Up until now, we have been gathering things for Baby 3 (due in February), but haven’t put much thought into things like a nursery. Part of the reason is that we’ve run out of bedrooms, so Baby 3 will be living in our room for quite a while. But I think with third trimester, my nesting instinct has kicked in, and a woodland theme started coming to mind for our room. I love the forest and was quite taken with this bird mobile that I saw all over pinterest. In case you are inspired to try this, here is the pattern. And here was the most useful instruction site for making the birds.

boy tracing pattern
5-year-old son tracing bird patterns.

My two older kids, now seven and five, were more than eager to help with the project.

girl cutting cloth
7-year-old daughter cutting out a pattern.

The trickiest part was getting some of the birds turned right-side-out before stuffing them – be sure to be a bit generous on your pattern tracing if you’re trying this. Below are some of the birds, completed, and some waiting to be stuffed. Stay tuned for the final product next time!

birds half stuffed

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