Woodland nursery part 2: Forest Wall

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wall trees taped for painting
Creating a tree mural using painter’s tape

Next idea for our room was to paint one of the grey walls turquoise. We’ve had this paint for a couple of years, so we thought this would be a good colour for a feature wall for our surprise baby gender. This is our third baby, but first time we have not found out if it’s a boy or a girl in advance.

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you’ll notice that I love the forest, hiking and nature. So even though our room won’t be a nursery forever, I thought I’d like having trees on the wall. I looked at quite a few image inspirations and then just started making trees with tape. My son had a fever that day, and he was on a TV ban, so instead of TV he got to watch this take shape. It took me a couple of hours to do the taping. I probably could have done it freehand, but thought it would look more crisp using tape.


Tree mural in progress

It took two coats of white latex paint to cover the turquoise. I thought about only doing one to allow more texture and a subtler effect, but it looked better with two coats. Because we had only painted the turquoise a week before, I did not want to leave the tape on longer than necessary, so we removed it the same day. It did still lift the turquoise in a few spots. When we get time, we plan to touch up the turquoise and white. For example, there are gaps where the tape was where branches crossed trees.

birch trees painted on turquoise wall
After removing the tape and hanging the bird mobile.


You’ll notice the finished bird mobile in the picture, above, too. I put it together while my husband painted the second coat of paint. To attach the birds, I sewed them onto the sticks, and secured them all with a dab of hot glue, to keep them from flipping on their perches. The sticks are connected with fishing line. When I was finished, the bottom perch was stubbornly going upside down! I finally solved that problem by sewing the birds’ backs to the perch above, instead of trying to tie the string around the bottom stick.

You can see some of the imperfections in the paint, below, that I’ll touch up. For more information about making the mobile, see my previous post.

Cloth Bird mobile DIY
The bird mobile

detail with cage

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