Sewing project: knitting bag

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I finally had the chance to make this “knitting bag” on the weekend. I’ve had these vintage wooden handles kicking around for years, and thought it would be good to sew up a little tote to keep my knitting away from the cat. It may seem that I am on a yellow kick, and I guess that’s because I am! I bought this fabric in the summer when we were in Oregon, but hadn’t had a chance to use it yet.

vintage wooden handles cloth bag

About 10 years ago I sewed my “bird purse” using another pair of wooden handles I had. That time, I made a cute little purse. I tell people I don’t like sewing – I’m honestly not very good at it – I could never sell the things that I make because there are tons of messy little spots where I’m figuring things out as I go. The process of making this bird purse put me off for years! I like designing prototypes, but don’t like to try to replicate items to sell or give away.

handmade purse
“Bird Purse” circa 2005

So that being said, I’m not even going to pretend to posture this post as a tutorial; in fact, I did not even take any progress photos. Basically I traced the rough shape of another cloth bag, measured it against my biggest pair of knitting needles in an effort to get them to fit, and then just experimented. The bag is lined and I made a bottom shape by tracing the beater attachment from our Kitchenaid.

handmade bag with wooden handles

One tip I’ll mention is that after I had the entire thing sewed up, I realized that I could barely squeeze a hand past the inflexible wooden handles! I forgot to allow for their structure in any way, so I had to remove the seam from the top sides of the bag where I have the grey material and refinish them by hand to allow the bag to flap open and access the inside better.

handmade knitting tote

So that is the story of getting crafty on my first day of maternity leave on Saturday. Now to finish knitting the little photo prop I’ve been storing inside.

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