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I absolutely love hiking. I’ve been making the most of living in the Fraser Valley in British Columbia over the past few years. I especially love hiking during spring and fall, when every day I can see changes in my surroundings: the moss is getting greener, buds are coming out, plants transforming, fungus appearing, the creeks swelling and waning.

Caleb hike

I love packing my babies in an ergo and getting into the forest. The baby loves it, and sleeps the entire time. Fresh air is the cure for a fussy baby. My older kids love it too – always charging ahead and discovering places to jump from, streams to poke at, collecting stones or sticks or other treasures.
hiking mckee

One of my favourite things about nature is how evident it is to me that God created everything. I know this is not a given for everyone, but for me personally, I cannot accept that the natural world could have just appeared, in all its complexities and miracles and wonders. When I am in the forest, I feel close to God.

I love the Wendell Berry poem, “I go among trees and am still…” It is a place I crave and revel in.

As an artist, I find my creative stores renewed and inspired. The other day, I was alone with my three kids (and a neighbour girl) and decided to take them all on this hike. It was quite steep but so beautiful. I stood in a cave with water flowing down like a veil in front of me! So much better than being cooped up in the house. I’m very thankful for this beautiful region where we live.

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