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We got rid of all our baby stuff a few years ago. We had essentially decided we were done with having kids, and I realized it wouldn’t be that hard to get new baby stuff. In fact we found most of what we needed again frugally. But now that Asher is six weeks old, he’s starting to wake up to the world, look around, and will soon want to play. I thought I’d make a simple baby gym. I didn’t want to buy one, or have a plastic or flimsy one. After taking a quick spin around pinterest, I had a page full of sketches of what I wanted to make. While I wait for Curtis to make the frame, I got started on the toys.

Fabric tubes in progress
Fabric tubes in progress


Actually, these stretchy toy holders that I saw here. At first glance, I thought, “Nah, that doesn’t look very fun or worth my time.” Then I decided to make them anyway. In conclusion, it took me two days to make them (of course between baby care and grocery shopping and playing dominoes and reading with the older kids).

Fact: reversing a narrow strip of cloth that you’ve sewn inside out is really hard.

Fact: getting a safety pin off a piece of elastic that is 5 inches from the end of a cloth tube is really hard.

Fact: Figuring out snaps is one of those things that for some reason confuses me.

But in the end, “Ta-da!” – plus, I got to teach my 7-year-old daughter how to use the sewing machine, which she is thrilled about.

Middle strap after elastic was added.
Middle strap after elastic was added.

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