DIY Wooden baby toys

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DIY wooden baby toys
Homemade wooden baby toys

For some reason, it’s easier to motivate myself to make crafts like this rather than paint or write. Is this the same for you other artists? There is something freeing or permissible about making something useful.

I had planned on making the wooden teething toys, but found it almost impossible to source wooden rings. I checked local craft stores, home stores, etc. and finally ordered some from the States. My dear husband walked across the border today to fetch them for me, and also drilled holes through the rest of my wooden balls.

2 month old milestone babyAt two months old, our baby’s favourite toy is “jingle bird” which he likes because of the light bells. I suppose these bells are not baby safe, but at this point he is not putting things in his mouth.

For the teethers, I followed another person’s idea from pinterest and sewed 2.5″ wide strips of cloth together. I made mine about 12 inches long.

The toy in the middle is sure to be a hit in about a month – the baby should enjoy moving the ring along the beads. I oiled all the wood with a food safe oil we use on our bamboo cutting board. The beads are strung together on a leather cord.

The yarn toy is also on leather cord, and is more to look at on his toy bar or to feel the yarn. I remember reading in the Dr. Sears baby book that little yarn puffs are interesting for babies to play with.

Hopefully my next post will relate to some non-baby art.

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