Bandana bibs

handmade bandana bibsOne of the fun things about having a baby girl is dressing her up. Luckily there are still some fun things to make for baby boys! I decided to make a few bibs last week for practical reasons, as well as for fun. Here are the ones I made with cloth on hand. Doesn’t baby A look impressed??

bandana wearer green bandanabibs blue








Ha ha. He tends to look a bit stoic at 2.5 months old. I used a free pattern shared by Lurel White (thank you!). Thanks also to my mom who helped keep the baby happy so I could get this done.

Here are a couple of action shots from my kitchen:

sewing the bibs
Seemed hard to believe these two pieces were going to sew together, but with some patient pinning and ironing, it worked out fine!


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