DIY Ergo Accessories: Drool Pads

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ergo with DIY chew pads
My giant four-month-old in the ergo with chew pads.

My favourite baby item from the beginning has been my ergobaby carrier. It was the one main baby item I didn’t get rid of when we had decided to stop having kids. But I still bought another one because I liked this teal colour. I used my ergo until my babies were no longer toddlers. I even carried my daughter when she was four on a hike one time because she got such a bad blister. I love walking everywhere I can and not having to stick to the sidewalks like you do with a stroller.

I saw these DIY drool pads that people had made for their carriers, and I didn’t think I’d ever use them. But I’ve had this lovely bird cloth since I went to Cannon Beach last summer and hadn’t found the right use for it. I noticed that it goes well with the ergo’s teal colour, and after washing the carrier because my four-month-old has been drooling all over it, I decided to make them. It was easy to whip these up in a couple hours. I did not use a pattern.

Cut cloth and an old towel to 8x11 size
Cut cloth and an old towel to 8×11 size. I also cut a square not pictured for the backing.
ergo baby chew pads
Sewed the pieces together inside out, and rounded the corners slightly. Sewed a loop of ribbon on one for toys. Sewed on velcro. I purposely didn’t sew the velcro all the way to the bottom so that the pads can spread out at the bottom a little.
teal ergo with DIY drool pads
Drool pads completed
drool pads for ergo carrier
Homemade teething toy for baby to play with.

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