Etsy shop coming soon!

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What a summer! I told my kids that this may just be the best summer of their lives: first of all, both my husband and I have been home a lot; we’ve been on countless adventures camping, swimming in lakes, hiking and sightseeing; we’ve hosted lots of relatives and the children got to know most of their cousins better; the weather – did I mention the weather? – just beautiful; and we have this adorable baby. Be sure to follow me on instagram @delightfilledart to see all the moments I try to capture.

artist working in studio
Me, bustling in my “studio” corner, photographing artwork.

All this to say we’ve been having a grand time, but I haven’t had much opportunity to get at my creative stuff. I was able to start my etsy store in June, but didn’t get back to actually preparing any listings! I have so much to learn, from pricing to packaging to reproducing work in the form of prints. This week I finally had time to photograph about ten existing pieces of original artwork that I am ready to sell. I have been amassing artwork for the past ten years, and I am finally running out of space! So I am ready to start selling and, at the least, create space for new works. I’d also like to make some money to pay for more paint and brushes.

artist working at table with baby
Multi-tasking is fortunately one of my strengths. Here I was writing some descriptions of paintings while my six-month-old fed himself a strawberry from the backyard.

Now that I have several images edited for each painting I plan to list, I’m working on the descriptions, tags, and prices. So it will be another week or two before I will be ready to “launch” my shop officially. Creative writing with a baby and two kids out of school is pretty challenging. I started this post at about 10 am, and didn’t get back to it until 10 pm.

I am planning to move on to creating smaller new works to sell, and also to reproduce some watercolour paintings to sell at lower price points than the original paintings. This is a big step for me, and definitely a new direction, so I’m curious to see how it goes. Stay tuned for more details soon!

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