Cousins Art Lesson

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girls art lessonWhen my sister’s family visited in August, I wanted to take time to do some art with my niece, who has always been interested in learning to try mixed media art. The family drove all the way to British Columbia from Michigan in five days, and we spent 4 days together. It wasn’t until the very last evening that I was able to squeeze in a mini art lesson. My daughter and her cousin really enjoyed this experience together.

2015-08-09 21.40.12
My niece’s painting of an ocean and shore (in progress) – the finished painting included a tree on the shore.

I’ve never really taught an art lesson (OK, I guess I did in my daughter’s Grade 1 class last year). But I sure learned lots from this experience. For example, with only an hour or two (or five) to work on the painting, it would have been good to paint a simple scene, and have all the students work on the same thing. This would have made it easier to coach the group and use a limited palette of colours and supplies. It was also interesting working with the personalities of young girls (giddy tired young girls) and to help them have fun and finish their project that they would feel proud of.

My daughter's painting, in progress.
My daughter’s painting, in progress.

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