New series, new supplies

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Every artist feels this way, I’m sure, when we get our hands on some new art supplies! I just placed an order from Opus for some much needed paint and some other supplies for a new series I thought up on the weekend. I can’t wait for my order to arrive so I can dive in.

IMG_20151013_114801 I’ve been wanting to build up more painting series, so I’m planning to make this a reality! I want to celebrate my passion for nature and also some of my favourite landscape photos that I’ve taken during my maternity leave. I won’t divulge more for now – let’s see if I can actually create one first.

I’m not the only one in the house coming up with ideas. My 8-year-old daughter told me 2015-10-19 11.00.26she is doing a month-long series where every day, she will make a page of a book. Each day so far she has incorporated some leaves or petals, pictures of us on a hike, etc. I’m proud of her inspiration and I hope she can keep up with it despite school and piano.

My 6-year-old son has been doing creative, spontaneous things. Sometimes its building a satellite and remote control out of bristle blocks or making a collage out of junk mail (I wonder if our realtor would fe2015-10-19 15.30.56el honoured to be featured in a collage?). Today, he spent all his recess time at school amassing leaves and then wrapping them in about 8 paper towel parcels, each with “leaves for mom” written on them, but spelled out “levs for mom.” How very sweet! He knew I was looking for leaves as one of the components of my planned art series!2015-10-19 15.34.43

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