Insta Art Series – Painting 10

After I kind of gave up on my 9th painting, I decided to start over. The image I ended up featuring is one I took on a family vacation to Oregon. We stayed in a cottage near the ocean, and this photo was taken at twilight as my daughter and her two cousins ran down the long sandy path to the beach. I really liked pairing the photo with an antique photo that you can see in one of the progress shots, but in the end it was just too much to include.

When I was adding items to the collage in the final stages, I had fun finding all kinds of interesting connections. There is a piece of the book jacket from the Bobbsey Twins “At the Seashore” – a book our kids enjoyed hearing. There is a want ad for summer cottages, a scrap from my great aunt’s notebook recording the details of a vacation, old stamps and pieces of a mid-century hotel receipt.