Insta Art Series – Painting 1

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For the first painting in the series, I felt like a pioneer in the sense that I had no idea what direction I would take. I had 9 blank panels in front of me (actually 11, because two were warped and Opus kindly mailed me replacements).

I wanted to replicate some of the colours in one of my favourite all-time paintings of mine, and I achieved that in the left column. Here are three images from the process, from early to final.
INST SERIES 1aThe photo I included was one that I took last winter when I was working in Fort Langley. I love driving home through the country roads and watching the changes in the landscape through the seasons. In late fall, around this time of year, it is dusk when I leave work. I like the way this barn looks with theĀ  blueberry fields in front of it.

INST series 1 bMy goal with this series is to celebrate some of my favourite photos that I have taken and shared on instagram. I want to pin them down and make them concrete by printing them and working them into fine art paintings that I can look at on a day-to-day basis. The land of internet photo sharing is so fleeting and, well, instant.

Each painting has some leaves and other natural materials collaged into them, as well as old papers and other details related to photography (for example, old negatives, photo corners, antique album paper, etc.)

INST series 1 c