Insta Art Series – Painting 3

I thoroughly enjoyed the process of working on this piece. The photo is one of my favourites. I loved the mist that day on the mountains near where I live in Abbotsford, BC. It reminds me of the first time I visited British Columbia in 1996 (19 years ago!!). I came out in a mini-van full of college-aged students, I myself was 19 years old (half my lifetime ago!!). I remember seeing the mist and clouds in the mountains and how the coniferous trees cut into the fog. Beautiful! It’s something I have painted with watercolour in the past. Maybe I’ll try painting these scenes when I’m done this series. On that trip, I stayed with a dear friend’s family in Port Moody. I remember walking nearby where human development trailed off, literally, into the forest. A street complete with functioning street lights led off into a tall forest, which, in the rain, created this magical misty look. Three years later I moved here.
INST series 5a

I like the way the collaged scraps came together, echoing a forested horizon. Again, a lot of the fine details are not visible here, so you’ll have to see my exhibit – I haven’t found a venue yet but I’m trying to focus on painting while I’m on a roll. I also hope to take proper photos when I’m finished so that I can sell petit prints, art cards, etc.INST series 5b